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Winter Plumbing Tips

Nobody’s happy when the plumbing breaks, backs up or leaks. Keep our winter plumbing tips handy in case you experience any of these pesky plumbing problems, follow our guidelines for preventing leaks, clogs and failing equipment. As always, if you find yourself in out of your depth, give us a call!

1. Grease in Pipes from Holidays Lead to Clogs Later. Don’t ever pour grease, oil, or coffee grounds down your sink (or any drain!) if you want to avoid future clogs. The consistency of such materials prevents the water from rinsing them away, leaving them caked and coated all over the inside of your plumbing.

2. Water Line Leak or Breaks Caused by Frozen Water. Winterizing your home or business isn't something we have to worry about much in the deep South, but in case we have a hard or lengthy freeze, it's good to know what to do. A few items you can do now in preparation for February include checking all of your outdoor plumbing systems, such as your garden hose. Always clear it of water completely and drain all outdoor pipes, shutting off the valves too, to be safe.

3. Hot Water Heater Fails When You Need it Most. Cold winter temperatures take a toll on water heaters, but sometimes the answer is as simple as checking the temperature gauge. It should never be set too high above 140 degrees. If it’s set at or below this temperature and you’re still shivering in the shower, call us if you have any questions about your water heater or its settings

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